Instagram has not only surpassed the social media platform Facebook platform as the top 1 platform for online art buyers. Yet, the giant social media platform boasts more than 800M  monthly active users and 500M active daily users. The most exciting thing is that daily is higher than half, half of which is associated with Instagram stories features. Instagram stories are all personal, the story of your art and you, showing your audiences close and connecting with your followers on an even deeper level.  To connect with your followers more, buy Instagram story views from us. 


You can also add an Instagram story Instagram in two ways. The first way is to click on the image on your Instagram profile, and this will bring up the Instagram story page there you can both take a brand new video or photo or use a picture or video from your mobile camera roll that you have captured or recorded in the last twenty-four hours. 

You have various options to record simple videos or take simple photos; if you select to take your own: normal, boomerang, focus, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, and live.

Live: this option will allow you to stream your live video to your fans and followers as soon as you start to record the live video; once your video ends, it will disappear from the Instagram stories. 

Hands-free:  you can record a fifteen-second without you having to press the record button with this hands-free option of Instagram stories.

Rewind: this option will help your video plays reverse.

Superzoom:  this option will playfully zoom in on your subject.

Focus: when you take pictures of people, this option will blur the background.

Boomerang: it is a GIF that plays your video on loop forth and back.

It is time to get imaginative if you have a video or picture you want.


An image may be worth a hundred words, but you probably still need a caption on social media. When it comes to adding up texts to your Instagram stories, there is so much you can do. Start writing by just clicking on the “Aa” icon in the upper right side corner. There you will have various options. Choose between the fonts labeled Typewriter, Neon, Modern, Classic, and Strong. Select ones that point to your art brand and or more stylish effects mingle and match them. 


By picking out a swatch from the menu, you can add color to your text. Use the tool “eyedropper” on the left side to go with your fonts with any type of color in the picture, or bring up the full-color wheel and hold your finger downwards on the swatches. 


To access all sorts of stickers, click on the sticker that looks like a smiley face on the upper side; it will add some excitement to your ordinary posts. There are different types of stickers: they are mentions, hashtags, polls, GIFs, locations. 

You can add filters to your video or photo by just swiping the left side to the right side.  You can also make your background colorful by using the pen tool on the upper side.