4 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing in 2021

Instagram is a dramatic reach for all the brands, with approximately 1.16 billion users using Instagram as an advertising platform. In 2020, Instagram’s marketing reach is high, averagely by increasing 76 million people in just a quarter of months. 

Over 90% of Instagram people followed at least anyone’s brand or business. More than 36% of decision-makers used Instagram when they searched for any business or products on Instagram. 

Instagram is the world’s second most downloaded app in the app store. Approximately 500 million people use Instagram stories each day. Significantly, 89% of Instagram users are outside of the US. This platform is the best place to promote your brand and get new audiences. 

Here, I will discuss how to improve your marketing on Instagram. Sure, the below tips help to enhance your marketing in 2021 & beyond. 

1. Use a Business Account: 

First, create an individual business account on Instagram. Set your brand profile, logo, and bio of your brand. Don’t use your personal account for your business, which customers don’t trust easily. 

You must apply all the data, such as to give high-quality images in your profile. Instagram is a powerful platform as compared to Facebook and Twitter. So, you will start to promote your business using this platform. Enhance your brand via posting ads about brand information. 

2. Know your Instagram Audience:

In early research, you should know about your target audience. Do research when you’re going to start the marketing on Instagram. Here, we will submit the small demographics for Instagram that:

  • Most Active Instagram users age from 18 to 29
  • The world largest Instagram marketplace is the US
  • More urban residents use Instagram compared to small urban areas. 

The last point doesn’t mean Instagram only for urban areas in the US. So, make the content effective to your target audience and upload it on Instagram.

Once you have done this job, your account engagement rate will be high. If you want to bring more engagement to your account, you should post the stories frequently. Or else you may choose the Planyourgram Instagram story views then increase the views of your posted stories. 

3. Optimize Your Profile:

If you want to enhance your brand to the viewers, you should optimize your Instagram account. The length of Instagram characters is just 150 characters. Within the characters, you need to explain your brand, personality, and explain why they should follow your account.

The viewers want to find your profile easier, and these include that:

  • Brand Name: 30 characters, including search
  • Username: Up to 30 characters, included in the search
  • Website: A clickable URL when the viewers to click, it directs your webpage
  • Give Contact info: People where you can find
  • Bio: It explains about your brand and characters

4. Choose the Perfect profile:

Check your competitors, and you can see most of the Instagram profiles should be a brand logo. It helps to provide more clarity and credibility to see at a glance who you’re. 

Instagram profile photo pixel should be 110 x 110, so cropped the logo with the 110 diameters like that. It’s stored at 320 x 320 pixels, and you must upload a file that makes sure it looks good if any changes in Instagram.

In case your logo may be a square, you need to edit the logo to match the Instagram circumstances. 


Instagram is the most wonderful social media in the world. Surprisingly, 1 billion people use Instagram per month. One of the fastest-growing platforms, hence many marketers want to publish the brand here. Don’t miss the chance, promote your business, and get a huge success!