Beginners’ guide for Instagram marketing is as simple as developing, understanding, and executing a strategy. With more than 30M businesses using Instagram to promote their products and services, success can be very lucrative. Instagram is the new place for products and services. Engagement on Instagram has reached an insane level, with the majority of the people in the world now using it. If you have goals set for marketing, Instagram can help you to achieve your goals sets. 

The key to Instagram marketing is to focus on smart and best goals. SMART goals are nothing but Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. You need to decide your objective before you begin to set goals. Instagram is a powerful tool for branding.

Make sure that you are focusing on your profile performance metrics. These metrics are comments, likes, and engagement rate. This will also include, when you are advertising, Likes, engagement, and comments percentage tells you how much of an impact you are making, while followers percentage tell how well you are doing at reaching people. Purchase automatic Instagram likes monthly to make an impact on your profile. 

REGULARLY POST CONTENT: Make sure that you post content regularly. When you start out, try posting once a day, or create specific kinds of photos or videos on certain days. 


Make sure that your bio has been improving your brand voice. Include line breaks, relevant hashtags, and emojis to format your bio in a way that makes your profile look great. In your profile picture, you can use a person or a logo as the face of the brand. To create brand consistency, use the same picture(person or a logo) across all of the social media platforms. Take advantage of business account features like contact information like your email address, address, and phone number. Include a relevant call to action, and set your business category. 


If you complete your profile setup, it is time to post your content. Good Instagram content includes relevant content and looks well produced. Your ideal Instagram post (photo) will include information or be a video. You should try IGTV if the long-form video is your style. Keep the feel and look of your content consistent by using the same filters or consistent color palette. This makes your brand resonate and makes your content easy to recognize. Psychologically colors create strong associations.


400M people use Stories on Instagram daily, taking the opportunity to get in front of them. Instagram stories should be very natural content with at first part, middle, and end. Call to action is the best way Instagram gives you to drive people and create sales, so include a strong call to action. 


The captions on your post should be short and should use your brand’s voice and to the point. Try to summarize the content of the post. Hashtags are a powerful marketing tool, using hashtags that are relevant to your business and your industry. You can also create branded hashtags and use that as a way to engage with your followers or get user-generated content. 


Make sure that you are using other social media platforms to drive to your Insatgram. Include links in your YouTube videos, share them on Twitter or Facebook. Reach out to influencers because collaboration with influencers and paid promotion with influencers are both effective. 

USE TARGETED CUSTOMERS ADS: Right now, Instagram ads are so effective, you can create ads on photos, videos, stories, carousels, and canvas.