Prime Ideas To Increase Your Retweets

Twitter is one of the social networking services to help share your message. You must register to post, like, and retweets because if you cannot register, you only can read their posts. It is one of the most popular mobile device applications and user friendly too. Before posting your messages, you should know that twitter’s character limit is 140-280 and 140 seconds for audio & video files. If you want to increase your user engagement on Twitter, use retweets, and it is easy to make, just reposting someone else’s tweet. 

Let us see. Few points to how to increase your retweets:


You can boost your retweets by up to 35 percent when you use rich with saturated color photos on twitter, which is the best way to increase your engagement rates. All managements have a typical boost up like the government sector, TV shows, news channels, sports fields, etc. It helps attract followers’ attention, and if you use a photo in your post that reflects your content. And you should follow some rules that the image size is 1200px X 675px, then the maximum file size is 5MB for most accounts and can post up to 15MB. If you post images on your account, four images are best per post. 


Use video links on your posts to a great way to increase your retweets among your followers. It is a great way to understand your messages and get more user engagement quickly. Definitely, you can get 28 percent of boost up in your retweets. Two billion video viewers watch videos every day so that you can get 10x more engagement. Some restrictions for post videos on twitter. 

  • The Video file size is 512MB.
  • Your videos should be within 2 minutes, 20 seconds long.
  • Resolution is 1920×1200
  • Video ratios range from 1:2.39 to 2:39.1

Use hashtags

Increase your engagement up to 16 percent with famous hashtags. That helps to raise your retweet at the same time if you use hashtags overly that chance to reduce your retweet. We recommend two hashtags per post and double-check your hashtags relevant to your post; it helps to communicate efficiently. You should know to read users’ mindsets, what they like, what they follow, what they share, and buy Twitter retweets give more benefits for getting multiple engagements from different ways. 

Use Numbers

Increase your retweets percentage up to 17, when you post with a sports score list or official statistic. Most of the user’s trust number list posts, so you can attract more audience because twitter is one of the hopeful social media platforms. These types of audience retweet your posts to get engagement, increase stats, and demographics. 

Attractive quotes

Using quotes with different font style and background aids increase your retweets of up to 19%. You are adding some famous quotes on your post, such as Inspirational, funny, facts, etc. And the majority of users pay attention focusing on attractive quotes, so you can add simple quotes while posting. Everyone can use these features in your regular schedule to get top search results on twiter.