It is crucial to ensure your video content meets the specific formatting requirements of social media channels if you are planning to post your video to social media platforms. Not implementing this can influence your UX ( user experiences), from looking contorted to hard-to-read the title or heading or captioning to straightforwardly not playing; the below-mentioned tricks and tips will make your video content change quickly. 

  • Recommendations, size, and video formats.
  • Resolution ratios, preferred quality, and video lengths.
  • Caption options nd subtitles options – closed or open
  • Heuristics of metadata


If you are focused on the greatest exposure use: less than 180 seconds, an MP4 file, at 720 pixels, aspect ratio, and think of adding on open captions for autoplay muted social media.  Spend your time making valuable content once you have the basics in place and obtain the title, metadata correct, and description. It is half the conflict, getting the search engines to index your content. 


Instagram’s video must be posted from the IG application on a mobile device or from the third-party social media sharing application. Gaining more views for your IGTV is easy; buy Instagram TV views. The video format of Instagram must follow the below rules:

Instagram Stories: GIF, MOV, or MP4

Instagram feed: MOV or MP4


The video length of Instagram depends on whether you are uploading existing content or recording in-application.

Upload existing content: minimum of one second (120 minutes)

Recording in-application: minimum of three seconds ( 60 seconds)


IG recommends you upload the videos with the below-mentioned quality settings:

IG Stories: up to thirty fps (frames per second)

IG feed: up to thirty  fps (frames per second)

On minimum quality, IG has no constraints.


IG recommends you upload the videos with the below-mentioned maximum sizes:

Instagram Stories: videos up to four GB

Instagram Feed: videos up to four GB


For the video resolution, IG recommends the below-mentioned ratios:

IG Stories: minimum of 720 pixels up to 1080 pixels, with a recommended frame rate of thirty frames per second.

IG Feed: minimum of 600  pixels up to 1080 pixels, with a recommended frame rate of thirty frames per second.


The aspect ratio of video depends on whether you are posting a video to the IG Stories or IG feed. 

IG Stories: between 4:5 and 16:9, and it will be displayed vertically.

IG feed: between the ratio 1.91:1 and 4:5.


IGTV is a feature provided by IG and has its own video quality, which all differ from IG. IGTV is particularly designed for long-form vertical content viewed on mobile devices. users can buy Instagram TV comments for their Instagram TV videos IGTV currently recommends MP4 videos. If you are a regular account, you can post the videos for up to ten minutes, and if you are a verified account, you can post a video for up to sixty minutes.


Instagram has not only surpassed the social media platform Facebook platform as the top 1 platform for online art buyers. Yet, the giant social media platform boasts more than 800M  monthly active users and 500M active daily users. The most exciting thing is that daily is higher than half, half of which is associated with Instagram stories features. Instagram stories are all personal, the story of your art and you, showing your audiences close and connecting with your followers on an even deeper level.  To connect with your followers more, buy Instagram story views from us. 


You can also add an Instagram story Instagram in two ways. The first way is to click on the image on your Instagram profile, and this will bring up the Instagram story page there you can both take a brand new video or photo or use a picture or video from your mobile camera roll that you have captured or recorded in the last twenty-four hours. 

You have various options to record simple videos or take simple photos; if you select to take your own: normal, boomerang, focus, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, and live.

Live: this option will allow you to stream your live video to your fans and followers as soon as you start to record the live video; once your video ends, it will disappear from the Instagram stories. 

Hands-free:  you can record a fifteen-second without you having to press the record button with this hands-free option of Instagram stories.

Rewind: this option will help your video plays reverse.

Superzoom:  this option will playfully zoom in on your subject.

Focus: when you take pictures of people, this option will blur the background.

Boomerang: it is a GIF that plays your video on loop forth and back.

It is time to get imaginative if you have a video or picture you want.


An image may be worth a hundred words, but you probably still need a caption on social media. When it comes to adding up texts to your Instagram stories, there is so much you can do. Start writing by just clicking on the “Aa” icon in the upper right side corner. There you will have various options. Choose between the fonts labeled Typewriter, Neon, Modern, Classic, and Strong. Select ones that point to your art brand and or more stylish effects mingle and match them. 


By picking out a swatch from the menu, you can add color to your text. Use the tool “eyedropper” on the left side to go with your fonts with any type of color in the picture, or bring up the full-color wheel and hold your finger downwards on the swatches. 


To access all sorts of stickers, click on the sticker that looks like a smiley face on the upper side; it will add some excitement to your ordinary posts. There are different types of stickers: they are mentions, hashtags, polls, GIFs, locations. 

You can add filters to your video or photo by just swiping the left side to the right side.  You can also make your background colorful by using the pen tool on the upper side.

3 Handy Tips For Beginners On Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a new format to share your video content that Instagram rolled out in 2020 among the world. Reels are allowed to create and share up to 15-30 seconds of multi-clip videos. In 2019, Reels first launched Brazil, where it’s called Cenas. After a few months, Instagram launched in over 50+ countries, including the US, India, Canada, Australia. By now, Reels are gaining popularity among influencers and famous brands. Here are some handy tips for improving your marketing strategy.

Share Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is one of the best techniques because it engages more audiences, gets more visibility, and the audiences are interested in watching it on other social media platforms. So, It will surely help to create brand awareness among the people. Choose some of the best content on your other social media platforms and share it on the explore page and Reels section. After that, observe your audience’s reaction to it. By repurposing videos, you get the chance to reach your target audience who don’t follow your profile. 

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Record your video of your product’s manufacturing process, and your employee reviews. After, sharing your Reels to successfully build trustworthiness and give an authentic look for your product among the audience. Behind the scenes help to let the right people know about who you are, what your brand is, and the benefits of your products. This is a great way to showcase your brand presence.

Moreover, Instagram Reels have many editing features and using them can turn your branded videos more engaging. More people will be attracted to watch your Reels content and share it with their friends, which leads to increased engagement rate on Instagram. You know that more people viewing your Reels will definitely grab the audience’s attention and they come automatically to watch your video. If you need to stand out from your competitor, you could buy Instagram Reels views to boost content reach immediately and establish a strong brand presence on Instagram. 

Showcase your product

You can showcase your product’s tutorial video or how-to guides, various aspect angles of your product, and share positive reviews of your product from the customers. Adding text overlay, hashtags and descriptive captions to let your audience know what is about your content.

Another way to showcase influencers wears your product in your Reels which is the best technique to expose your product to people. 

Winding Up

By proven statistics from Influencer marketing hub, after the launch of Reels, 11.4% of users download Instagram apps within 30 days. Through these things, you understand that Reels are a powerful marketing weapon for gaining a massive audience for your business. Users are using music, dance moves, and all that entertainment elements on Reels, and also you notice on most Reels videos. So, mix both fun clips and brand-related clips to make your content appealing and exciting to people who watch your content. Get ready to use Reels to improve your marketing strategy.

How To Market On Instagram TV: 5 Useful Techniques

Are you looking forward to maximizing your online sales? Do you seek a new channel to build awareness and to grow your business? I come up with a new channel called IGTV. It is one of the new features on Instagram. Actually, it’s a standalone app, interconnected with Instagram. The primary purchase of Instagram TV  is, it allows the users to create a video for up to one hour. Both landscape and vertical video are possible. The research study shows that video content is responsible for nearly 78% of total mobile data. Sure, Instagram TV will play a significant role in this field. It is the best platform for marketers to grow their business effectively. 

As a marketer, you need to stick with, right marketing strategies to enhance your business. In this article, let’s spot some of the tips to develop your business on Instagram TV. 

Define Your Marketing Strategy 

Having the right marketing strategy is important to increase your return-on-investment rate. Without any specific goals or plans, just like that, don’t create and post videos on IGTV. Your first and foremost step is to have clear cut goals, ensure your goals must be specific, relevant, and time-bound. Once you clear with your objective, it’s easy to build your marketing strategies. 

Then try to identify your target audience; it’s tough to reach everybody. But you can use social tools to identify your target audience on Instagram. Next, analyze your competitor’s channel, check their content styles. 

Create Content With Your Way 

Everyone will have a different approach and content delivery right. Create content with your own style, stick with that, start embracing your way of kind. Listen, that manner of your video influences your audience to remember your brand always. 

Once you are clear with your style and approach, try to post regularly. Consistency helps to increase your engagement rate. Scheduling is the wise action to display your content regularly in the public eye. Also, keep in mind too much of the post will annoy your audience. 

Promote Your Instagram TV Videos On Instagram  

Instagram story is one of the crucial features on Instagram; lots of people, brands use this feature to share their happenings with their followers. Before posting Instagram videos, share teasers or short clippings for your original videos. It will create buzz around your audience and will get more audience attention. When the original video is released, you will get more engagement rate. To maximize your engagement, you can buy Instagram TV comments and also get audience interaction. On the other, share the preview of your video in your feed posts to pull your audience. 

Make Use Of Hashtags To Maximize Your Discoverability 

I think you all know the importance of hashtags, and it’s an excellent way to get your content spot by your audience. You can add hashtags in your IGTV videos, like Instagram posts, using up to 30 hashtags. Ensure all your hashtags are specific to the content and related to your business. You can create brand hashtags, by using them in your content will get maximum visibility for your brand.

Cross-Promote Your Channel 

Cross-promotion is the effortless and cost-efficient way to attain more engagement and exposure to your Instagram TV videos. You can share on popular media like Facebook, YouTube. Before you share:

  1. Ensure you have done proper editing according to the channel.
  2. Post with an appropriate title, description, and cover image.
  3. Use this method to increase your product or brand visibility. 

Winding Up 

You can also use your Instagram live video on Instagram TV to increase your engagement rate. Make use of influencer marketing to promote your Instagram TV channel. Don’t forget to analyze your performance to check how your content is working with your audience. Well, this article will guide you to grow your IGTV channel.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

4 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing in 2021

Instagram is a dramatic reach for all the brands, with approximately 1.16 billion users using Instagram as an advertising platform. In 2020, Instagram’s marketing reach is high, averagely by increasing 76 million people in just a quarter of months. 

Over 90% of Instagram people followed at least anyone’s brand or business. More than 36% of decision-makers used Instagram when they searched for any business or products on Instagram. 

Instagram is the world’s second most downloaded app in the app store. Approximately 500 million people use Instagram stories each day. Significantly, 89% of Instagram users are outside of the US. This platform is the best place to promote your brand and get new audiences. 

Here, I will discuss how to improve your marketing on Instagram. Sure, the below tips help to enhance your marketing in 2021 & beyond. 

1. Use a Business Account: 

First, create an individual business account on Instagram. Set your brand profile, logo, and bio of your brand. Don’t use your personal account for your business, which customers don’t trust easily. 

You must apply all the data, such as to give high-quality images in your profile. Instagram is a powerful platform as compared to Facebook and Twitter. So, you will start to promote your business using this platform. Enhance your brand via posting ads about brand information. 

2. Know your Instagram Audience:

In early research, you should know about your target audience. Do research when you’re going to start the marketing on Instagram. Here, we will submit the small demographics for Instagram that:

  • Most Active Instagram users age from 18 to 29
  • The world largest Instagram marketplace is the US
  • More urban residents use Instagram compared to small urban areas. 

The last point doesn’t mean Instagram only for urban areas in the US. So, make the content effective to your target audience and upload it on Instagram.

Once you have done this job, your account engagement rate will be high. If you want to bring more engagement to your account, you should post the stories frequently. Or else you may choose the Planyourgram Instagram story views then increase the views of your posted stories. 

3. Optimize Your Profile:

If you want to enhance your brand to the viewers, you should optimize your Instagram account. The length of Instagram characters is just 150 characters. Within the characters, you need to explain your brand, personality, and explain why they should follow your account.

The viewers want to find your profile easier, and these include that:

  • Brand Name: 30 characters, including search
  • Username: Up to 30 characters, included in the search
  • Website: A clickable URL when the viewers to click, it directs your webpage
  • Give Contact info: People where you can find
  • Bio: It explains about your brand and characters

4. Choose the Perfect profile:

Check your competitors, and you can see most of the Instagram profiles should be a brand logo. It helps to provide more clarity and credibility to see at a glance who you’re. 

Instagram profile photo pixel should be 110 x 110, so cropped the logo with the 110 diameters like that. It’s stored at 320 x 320 pixels, and you must upload a file that makes sure it looks good if any changes in Instagram.

In case your logo may be a square, you need to edit the logo to match the Instagram circumstances. 


Instagram is the most wonderful social media in the world. Surprisingly, 1 billion people use Instagram per month. One of the fastest-growing platforms, hence many marketers want to publish the brand here. Don’t miss the chance, promote your business, and get a huge success! 


Instagram Reelstakenover the TikTok platform; it is the perfect alternative for TikTok to creating unique and creative content in a small space. If you still did not start using and creating unique  and creative content, then you must follow the below tips and steps:


The Facebook platform has partnered with many more distributors and labels, which include symphonic. The symphony is used to ensure the content is set up for new opportunities for monetization and to protect the content and to track the content within the entire ecosystem of Facebook. Unlike the space of other companies, currently, Facebook is not accepting to launch the music as a demanded streaming point. Rather than allowing the users of their platform to create creative stories and unique stories and unique content and creative content. For artists, Instagram reels is now a great tool for making unique content and creative content on the platform with less crowd.


By tapping the icon of the music note, you can find the song and music in Instagram Reels’ music library. People can select which part or division of the music you want to play. By tapping the play and pausing the icon to change the Reel of the speed. It can be affected by both audios of your clip and video of the clip.  By tapping the icon of a smiley face, you can add a different effect using the camera. Swept just left at the screen’s bottom, and you can select your favorite and desired effect for your videos.for finding more effects for your Reels, just swipe all the other way to lifting and tapping the icon like a magnifying glass, by tapping the icon like the stopwatch icon for choosing the length of the clip. When returning to your video clips, people can see a countdown from three to one before you are going to record the video clips. Last but not least, just tap the align icon to see the end of your Reel’s last clips. You will use the transparent photo to align your recording video clips before going to next. Get creative and see what people can come up with on the platform—getting your fans to make using it in the original reels and sharing the great ones on doing the shoutouts of your profile. Make using the Instagram Reels very properly and purchase Instagram Reels likes and it  is a great way to an amazing platform to market the songs. At the same time, gaining starting trends and getting new fans all at the same time.


Even though the stories feature was copied straight up from the Instagram app, it has very fastly become one of the quickest ways and easiest way to do the marketing by using visual content; it will boost the account the engagement with followers and telling a compelling story.  Stories are currently being used by 70 percent of the businesses and brands in the US., and the stories feature a huge potential of exposing globally more than Instagram; it has it already.   To know more about the most powerful strategies that will help you to build a very powerful business brand and personal brands on Instagram. 


 For Instagram stories, an editorial calendar is really a just one because it will help you to advance scheduling your post content and video content. For improving the user experience and impression used to get Instagram impressions. Consistency is crucial because it will help you make your viewers very close by engagement facilitation.  Anything like you can put into your Instagram stories together, whether it is a boomerang, videos, and photos. You can put up to 100 Instagram stories in 24 hours, and 100 is the limit for posting stories on Instagram. In IG Stories, Boomerang, Photos, and Videos are the main three important things available for users. You can use it individually or otherwise; you can combine the above three or use it as an alternate type for Instagram stories.  The alternative second way is to share with your regular Instagram posts through IG stories. You can choose your great videos and photos, then select the option “post to stories.” 


Depends upon your course, audiences, and strategy, the answer is available. The insights of Instagram will provide the help you provide great information. they are

  • The total number of taps on your story by the user.
  • The total number of backward tapping will show you a count of viewers tapped on the story screen to repeatedly see a boomerang, or video, or photos that you posted previously on Instagram.
  • The total count of forwards will refer to how many viewers tapped on the story screen to see the next story you have posted.
  • Total cunt of individual Instagram accounts that viewed your IG stories. These are known as the ‘reach’ of the story, and it is one of the important statistics you should know and get.
  • The total count of your story’s impressions.
  • The total count of clicks from the viewers you received for the website link or other social media networks links that you have added in your Instagram story.
  • Another Instagram account posts the total count of the taps or clicks to the next Instagram story.
  • The total count of replies you received for your Instagram stories, whatever it may be, for example, boomerang, videos, or photos.
  • And Instagram stories are less focused on designs and highly focused on creativity. For interacting with viewers, stories are the great features.

6 Amazing Ideas For Killer Instagram Stories

Instagram is the largest social media after Facebook, it is an image and video sharing platform to increase your followers. This is the best placement to reach your goals and engage consumers. Instagram provides more features for users. It is the greatest place for all business peoples to reach our brands and products to the targeted audience. Here are 6 knowledgeable tips for killer Instagram stories.

Make Attractive Videos

Instagram is the greatest image and video sharing platform. Create an impression through the beautiful video positing option. Look everywhere on social media all of them are videos and images. Instagram is extra special to share videos and images in the form of stories. Create unique and attractive videos by using hashtags, amazing backgrounds, emojis all are related to your stories. This is the best way to attract more followers on your Instagram profile. 

Use Swipe Up Feature 

Instagram offers more features on all Instagrammers. One of the gaining features is swiped up. This is used to directly receive the followers on your website or landing page. This is very useful to increase the new organic followers on your Instagram stories. Also, it is used to gain more organic traffic to your website. 

Boost Up Followers

Followers are an important role in all Instagram personal and business accounts. Engage your followers to act some activities like build knowledgeable content, emoji sliders, conduct quizzes and countdowns, make some unique hashtags, and attractive backgrounds for all your Instagram stories. Suppose you have a business account, you should have more followers and views on your stories. So, at that time you can go for Instagram story views to increase the number of followers on your stories. Buy Instagram story views are used to increase your social proof and to reach and retain organic followers. 

Create Live Sessions

Instagram live sessions are the most attractive way to reach more followers in your stories. Live video sessions perform very well on both Facebook and Instagram stories. Don’t do this live session for everything, go live on important events like launching products and online sales promotions. Go live is the best way to engage your followers and to expand your horizons completely. 

Sounds On

One of the interesting parts of Instagram is its videos. Videos create an attraction for all the viewers. Make a unique sound on your video to impress more people and to reach your video for all the Instagrammers. This is one kind of method to increase more views and more followers on your Instagram stories. 

Plan To Spend More Time On Your Story

Every consumer is ready to tap or swipe through to move the next video isn’t attractive or entertaining. Create knowledgeably and the most attractive content to easily identify your story for all the users. Think about the way to reach your goal through the Instagram stories. Instagrams hottest part is its stories. Make beautiful stories like to use some unique background and create your identity for all your stories. And add some valuable tips about your story or brand for your consumers. These are the ways users spend more time on your Instagram account and gain more traffic organically on your site.