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Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta: History of Carpet Cleaning Machines

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Today, if you need your carpet cleaned, all you have to do is search online for “carpet cleaning Alpharetta services“. What you may not know is that after the carpet was invented, the available means of cleaning was manually scrubbing the carpet to remove the grime and dirt hidden in between the fibers. This was a difficult task for many housewives, who had the role of ensuring the house was Read More

Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta: Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning at home with vinegar based solutions can work but sometimes its not always the best solution to use and could make carpets look worse than before. However, the people who are concerned about the environment do not prefer to opt for the conventional commercial carpet cleaning Alpharetta services as well. This is because many of these commercial services use a host of harmful synthetic chemicals which can be Read More