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Spring Carpet Cleaning Tips from Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA

It’s not easy to tackle every cleaning job in the house during the summer months. For starters, kids are home at this time of the year and they transfer all sorts of dirt from outside into the house. It’s almost impossible to keep them under control. Secondly, no one wants to spend time cleaning the house while there’s lots of a fun activity to do with the rest of the family outside. So what do you do? How do you keep your home looking its best all through summer? We’ll make it easier for you to tackle any kind of cleaning job in your home by sharing these effective tips to carpet cleaning Alpharetta GA. Learn how to leave your home sparkling clean before you leave for the holidays.

Consider deep cleaning

Most homeowners underestimate the value of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is very important as it eliminates any dangerous bacteria and viruses that could be stuck in between the carpet fibers. Having a thoroughly cleaned carpet is important as it also improves the air quality in your home. But only a professional can offer deep carpet cleaning Alpharetta GA. The usual vacuuming that you do every day only eliminates the dirt and contamination that is on the surface of your carpet. You can’t rely expect vacuuming to eliminate the nasty stains, pet odors and viruses that are threatening your family’s health. If you notice that your carpet has started changing color even after constant vacuuming, there could be notorious dirt and contaminants stuck beneath the carpet fibers that are responsible for the discoloration. Hire a professional who offers carpet cleaning Alpharetta GA to have it sorted out once and for all. Failure to do this will cause premature wear and might force you to replace this costly item sooner than you expect.

Learn how to remove each type of stain with our tips for Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA

There are certain carpet stains that are very common and you just need to know how to clean them. For instance, blood stains can be removed by applying rust remover or a bleach that has hydrogen peroxide. Marks made using crayon can be removed by passing a hot iron on the surface of the carpet over a damp cloth. This heat allows the crayon to melt before you clean the carpet with a detergent solution. To remove gum from the carpet, use an ice cube to harden it and then try to break it into pieces. You can use a dry cleaning solvent to remove the gum. Whatever stains you are dealing with, it’s important to take extra caution because you risk damaging the carpet fibers by using the wrong approach to carpet cleaning Alpharetta.

Dry vs. wet carpet cleaning methods

Most importantly, you need to know the type of Atlanta carpet cleaning method that is right for you. Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses so it’s best to have a professional advice you on what’s most suitable for your carpet. For instance, dry carpet cleaning techniques simply use very little moisture so they have very quick drying times. Dry carpet cleaning Alpharetta can be done using foam, absorbent mixtures or bonnets. Make sure you ask the professional about the type of carpet cleaning that is best for you. If you are looking for a method that utilizes less water and prevents mold and moisture damage then dry cleaning methods are usually the most recommended.

Steam cleaning is a technique that uses very hot water to eliminate stains and odor and most homeowners love it because it certainly works. Unlike the dry techniques that don’t use so much water, steam cleaning utilizes more water but it’s still able to get rid of most germs and viruses that may have invaded your carpet. The biggest drawback with steam cleaning is that a carpet can take up to 24 hours a day to dry completely. Steam cleaning may also not be acceptable to certain types of carpet fibers such as silk, sisal and wool.

Additional carpet cleaning tips

Before you begin deep cleaning your carpet, make sure you get rid of all the dirt via vacuuming. Get rid of all the furnishings and furniture that may come in your way when you want to clean the carpet at home. Ensure you pre-treat any visible stains and spots before you begin the actual cleaning. And don’t use a cleaning agent unless it’s specified that it is safe for your carpet fibers. Also make sure you use the amount of product that is recommended. Using a product in excess can cause issues and even risk damaging your carpet for good. Most importantly, avoid foot traffic on a carpet that is still wet. Walking on a wet carpet will cause stains that stick and become even harder to remove. You may also want to consider hiring professional Atlanta carpet cleaning services to do a thorough job.

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