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Carpet Cleaning

Atlanta OXYmagic uses Nature’s Way® green non-allergenic cleaner that utilizes the natural cleaning power of oxygen to get your carpet feeling soft, smelling clean and spot-free so it looks like new.


Air Duct Cleaning

RamAir is a revolutionary duct cleaning system that allows for state-of-the-art forced air cleaning with no mess or debris, and it won’t harm duct surfaces!

The patented RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System is the most effective system to date, as well as being the first system ever created that allows the homeowner to actually see all the dust and debris as it is being removed from the duct system by way of a clear polycarbonate viewing box. This revolutionary new system has been quickly gaining recognition and praise worldwide.

Upholstery Cleaning

Not happy with the way your furniture looks? Dark edges, odors, stains, grease and dirt? It’s time for Atlanta OxyMagic!

Protect your family’s health and your investment with regular cleaning of your chairs, sofas, loveseats… any upholstered surface, even walls Soiled upholstery can pose a serious problem to any one sitting in it…animal dander, pollen, pet urine, dirt and grime harbor mites, bacteria and viruses that can cause severe allergic reactions in susceptible individuals and even transmit disease. Protect your family’s and friends’ health by keeping your upholstery clean and fresh.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s:

What do people think when they see soiled and unpleasant smelling furniture?

  • Guests and visitors react negatively when they detect stains and dirt on your upholstery or detect off-putting odors. That certainly isn’t the image you want them to remember about your home.

What happens if you don’t clean your upholstery & carpets regularly?

  • Letting stains, grime, crumbs and ground in dirt go can turn a small problem into permanent damage and ruin your furniture.  Getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned regularly will freshen your home and add to there lifespans.

Can I do it myself?

  • You can… but are you doing what’s best for you and your family or what’s best for your pocket? Atlanta Oxymagic has special equipment, training and solutions that ensure the job is done right the first time. We effectively clean and guarantee our work vs. the home owner who may not get things clean and worse, runs the risk of damaging or destroying their furniture.

How often should you clean your upholstery?

  • Every 1-2 years, depending on use, or if there are visible spots, detectable odors, etc. Spots and odors are easier to remove completely the sooner you have them cleaned so those need prompt attention.

Our Exclusive Cleaning System

Atlanta OxyMagic’s system cleans using an environmentally friendly, no-residue green cleaner and minimum water. That means no noxious chemicals and a speedier dry time. Typically, you can use your furniture in about an hour although more extreme situations may take a little longer.

Hardwood Floors Cleaning

We offer three levels of hardwood services so you never spend a dime more than necessary:

  • 1. Hardwood Screening: This process deep cleans your existing hardwood floors and finishes with a new coat of super-tough polyurethane. We begin by removing ground-in particles, dirt and grime, then the sealer coat is applied to make your hardwood floors shine like new!
  • 2. Hardwood Refinishing: This process begins by completely sanding your existing floors to remove stains, scrapes and minor damage. Next we stain your floor with the stain color of your choice and follow that up with 2 to 3 coats of the best water and scuff resistant polyurethane.
  • 3. Hardwood installation: If your dream is to have a beautiful new hardwood floor, we can make that dream come true at a price point that is sure to please.

Tile & Grout

Nothing looks worse than dirty tiles in your bathroom and home. Even if your tiles are squeaky clean they can still look soiled. What’s the reason? Dirty grout. No matter how clean your tiles are, dirty grout makes them look like they’ve never been cleaned.

Black-moldy spots and splotchy areas contrast with areas that are cleaner, making the problem even more apparent. It’s a common problem. Many people try to clean their grout with off the shelf cleaners, toothbrushes, vigorous scrubbing, bleach… nothing ever seems to truly work. The tiles still look terrible. Wouldn’t it be great to have clean tile and grout again?

The End of Grout Grunge

Atlanta Oxymagic’s professional solution tackles even the worst looking tile and grout, cleaning them to near perfection. Our oxygen based cleaner gets down deep and breaks up the ground-in dirt, filth and hardened soap scum that ordinary cleaners can’t touch. Then, our special high pressure water cleaning system blasts the now loosened dirt and ground-in filth away.

Sealed So Your Tile Looks Clean Longer

Once we have thoroughly cleaned your grout, we seal it with a special grout sealer to help lock out stains and dirt so your tile looks fantastic longer.

Why not have tiles you can be proud of, that shows off your bathroom and home as a clean and inviting place for friends and family alike for a long time to come? Give us a call and let Atlanta Oxymagic end grout grunge for good. Get back that clean tile look in your home.


Unlike other carpet cleaning services, OXYmagic uses a non-toxic, biodegradable, no-residue carpet cleaning solution.

Fast Drying

No Soggy Carpets. With our exclusive cleaning system, your floors dry in 30-90 minutes. You can start using your floors almost immediately.


Pets, Children and Heavy Use stain your floors over time but our system restores those smelly, spotted and dirty floors in no time.


Our hundreds of delighted customers back up what we say. Now, we’re ready to impress you with the quality of our work and the amazing cleaning power of our process!

  • I was extremely impressed with the overall treatment and the work ethic of the technicians. A great job all around.
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    - Angie Driscoll, carpet cleaning Lawrenceville GA

  • Great Job! I am very pleased with the service. The technicians were on time and very informative. I would definitely recommend Atlanta Oxymagic to my friends.
    customer photo

    - Sharon Gipson, carpet cleaning Cumming GA

  • Friendly Staff. It was a pleasure to get the rugs cleaned. Easy to work with and I look forward to using their service again.
    customer photo

    - Julie Barbery, carpet cleaning Duluth GA

  • I enjoyed the quickness that the carpet dried and the effort that the techs put into making me happy.  I would recommend the Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning to anyone.
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    - Joyce Morrison, carpet cleaning Snellville GA

  • I will certainly use the company again. I am very pleased with the service.
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    - Deborah Dickson, carpet cleaning Loganville, GA

  • Mr. Gill was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will refer others to Oxymagic.
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    - Tracy Taylor, carpet cleaning Duluth GA

  • Great Job! Removed all stains and carpets smells very fresh and clean. Very professional and polite. Ps: even had pet stains removed.
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    - Marlen P.Ortiz, carpet cleaning Cumming GA

  • This Product Cleans Great. I had a dirty sofa and in less than thirty minutes, the sofa looked brand new. I would encourage any person to try Atlanta Oxymagic.
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    - Delmarine Jackson, carpet cleaning Riverdale GA

  • Nyall was very prompt, courteous and helpful with answering my questions and getting me scheduled to have my berber carpet cleaned. I was scheduled the very next day after talking with him. Steven (the technician) was fantastic! He was on time, courteous and did an incredible job cleaning my carpets! I will definitely refer Atlanta Oxymagic and use them again!
    customer photo

    - Renae Futral, carpet cleaning Acworth GA

  • I am very pleased with the cleaning, the quality of service and the cost.
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    - Kathleen Johnson, carpet cleaning Norcross GA

  • Great service, prompt and courteous. Steven is Awesome!! He did a great job and was wonderful to work with!
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    - Lindsey Slack, carpet cleaning Atlanta GA