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Oxymagic Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Services: Remove Pet Odors from Carpets

There are times when you come home to find your beloved pet has left nasty smells and stains on your carpet for who knows how long. The idea of getting rid of these stains can be overwhelming especially if you’ve been up to the task before and failed. And sometimes even when you are finally able to get rid of the stains, the undesirable happens again. But getting rid of that adorable pet is certainly not an option so you just have to figure out how to handle pet activity from ruining your costly upholstery. You may want to consider contacting professionals who offer Atlanta carpet cleaning services. But before you do this, follow the step by step plan below to solve this problem once and for all.

Seek Professional Help

There are some cases where pets urinate frequently around the house because of medical reasons. So instead of acting impulsively, the first thing you need to do is to take your pet to the veterinarian. You just need to ensure that your pet is healthy before taking any measures to stop this new bathroom habit.

Consider Retraining Your Pets

You may consider hiring professionals to come and offer some carpet cleaning Atlanta as you re-train your cat or dog to stop this costly habit. So long as your pet can smell its urine, you can be sure that it’s going to return to the same spot to relieve itself. So the best you can do is to have the area thoroughly cleaned and then find a way of getting rid of the habit immediately. You can get a pet trainer to explain to you some of the reasons why your pet chose the wrong place to relieve itself. Understanding the real reason for this poor habit will help you to deal with it more effectively.

Look out for soiled areas

Don’t try to clean the pet stain with any means necessary. Have a suitable plan that you will follow to the letter. On top of your to do list should be identifying the soiled areas. You can do this by sniffing on the carpet or upholstery and examining closely to identify any urine stains that have been left to dry for ages. You can even acquire a black light which can help you to easily identify the soiled areas especially on your carpet and seats.

Start with Machine-Washable Items

If your pet has stained some of the items that can be cleaned using the dry cleaner then you need to start with them before seeking carpet cleaning services Atlanta. You can wash the items using a suitable enzyme cleaner which can be obtained on various retail stores. These enzyme cleaners are formulated to breakdown pet-waste and eliminate any odors that come with it. However, make sure you follow the directions given by the manufacturer to the letter.

Deal with Carpeted Areas and Upholstery

If professional carpet cleaning Atlanta is not for you then you might want to consider getting the work done on your own. Start by soaking up the urine using either a newspaper, paper towel or both. This works best when you are trying to remove fresh urine but for those stains that have already set in, you may have no option but to hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent out an extractor to have the carpet cleaned thoroughly. If you are using a pet odor neutralizer, be very careful and ensure it doesn’t stain the fabric you want to use it on. You can even try to test with a small portion of the fabric before using it on a larger area in order to ensure it is safe.

Cleaning the Floors and Walls

If your walls or floor has been discolored because of urine stains, you need to approach cleaning with caution. There are companies that offer carpet cleaning services Atlanta which can also work on areas like the floor and walls of your home. But in case you want to make this kind of cleaning another DIY project then identify the appropriate stain removers suitable for your flooring material. Most paints and stains don’t react properly to enzyme cleaners so don’t be tempted to clean using any of them unless the manufacturer clearly states they are safe. Make sure you read instructions before using any cleaning product.

Most importantly, know what to avoid when cleaning your carpet and upholstery. Don’t be tempted to scrub the carpet rigorously or start the cleaning days after your pet has caused the stain. To avoid damaging your carpet fibers, make sure stains are cleaned immediately they are discovered. Be on the lookout for nasty odors and unpleasant stains on your carpet and upholstery especially if you know your pet has this habit. Invest in professional Atlanta carpet cleaning services twice annually to be assured that your home is clean and healthy.

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