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Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Tips How to Remove SetIn Stains at Home

If you live in a house where people occasionally spill coffee, you know exactly how it feels to battle peaky carpet stain. To conquer even the worst ones, carpet cleaning Atlanta gives tips that will help you tackle set-in stains.

First, you need to de-grit doormats. Internal door mats are only capable of stopping dirt from being tracked inside when they are clean. If you find out that the care tag allows, you can simply put the mats into the washer or dryer. Make use of a vacuum if that’s what you prefer. When vacuuming, remember to work on the back no matter the material it is made of – plastic or rubber. This helps to loosen embedded dirt. Having done this, flip the mat over and have do a vacuum on it to clear the grit that came out previously. Although the service of a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning service would be needed but you can easily do this if chanced. Lastly on that note, you want to make sure that everything is fine by taking the mat outside and doing a little shake and beat it several times on each side.

Do you spot a gray trail somewhere around your couch down to your kitchen? Call on a qualified carpet cleaning Atlanta that will give you a great cleaning service. Otherwise, hit the begrimed path with a foam or powdered carpet cleaner then apply according to the directions from the manufacturer. After doing that, just vacuum it!

The main work comes when there’s constant red wine or coffee sticking to your carpet. These tips have been approved by carpet cleaning Atlanta GA experts to help you get rid of stubborn stains:

  • Get two spray bottles that are empty and fill one with cold water. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid and then spray the detergent solution to an absorbent cloth. (An absorbent cloth and not the carpet)
  • Dab on the spot and keep applying until the stain leaves.
  • Get another cloth and spray with cold water then use it to rinse off the detergent from the carpet. Thereafter, Dab and blot the spot with dry cloth.
  • Have a stack of white paper towels piled on the spot and place a pit that is heavy on top of it. Leave it for a while (preferably overnight) and the towels will absorb residual stain that is deep in the carpet. When the morning comes, get the fibers fluffed with your fingers and let air dry the spot.

After working on these, you should make some ground rules like no-shoes-in-the-house as an extra measure to avoid annoying stains on your carpet. For more information and professional carpet cleaning Atlanta, visit http://Atlantaoxymagic.com