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Carpet Cleaning Atlanta secrets – DIY Deep Carpet Cleaning

As with many other home services, carpet cleaning also has some do-it-yourself measures that can be done in a few minutes and you still get a good result. Although it is always better to hire a professional carpet cleaning Atlanta to get the job done very well.

This article talks about making use of a portable extractor to deep clean your carpet. A portable carpet cleaning extractor is an effective tool in maintaining clean carpets in the home. They come in various sizes and configurations – from small home cleaners to large commercial units that have inbuilt heaters.

Most householders either own a portable carpet cleaning extractor or rent from a good supplier. If you follow the proper cleaning procedures, you will find that they are very good for basic carpet cleaning maintenance but cannot serve as a substitute for powerful machines used by carpet cleaning Atlanta professionals.

Similar to other Atlanta carpet cleaning services, some basic principles apply to making use of an extractor:

  • Pre-Vacuuming to get rid of insoluble solids: This is the most important step because small extractors are not capable of extracting every dirt and soils in your carpet. Therefore when your carpet is wet, the dirt turns to slush which will now be pushed around the surface of the carpet and make it look even dirtier. Get out all the dry soil, dirt and dust before you attempt to deep clean your carpet.
  • Heat: The hotter the cleaning solution, the more efficient it becomes as a solvent. Various small portables are not equipped with heater and even most big extractors that have on-board heater do not often approach the heating capacity of large machines used by carpet cleaning Atlanta GA experts. You can simply boil water to get the chemicals mixed. Make sure this water is/ stays hot.
  • Agitation: This aids the acceleration of chemical reaction of the solvent although is a major limitation of portable extractors – even those that come with beater brush. Try spraying the cleaning solution lightly on the carpet after you have vacuumed and work it with a carpet rake before you proceed with extraction. After this, simply re-spray your carpet with a manual pump sprayer then leave the chemical to react with the stain on the carpet for 10-15 minutes before extracting.
  • Solvent Concentration: If you are not familiar with cleaning services, simply make use of the chemicals recommended by the machine manufacturer or supplier. Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and do not make an attempt to over-dilute or over-concentrate the mixture.

You can achieve great results when you do your own carpet cleaning but greater results will be achieved if you call on a professional carpet cleaning Atlanta to handle the work for you. Atlanta Oxymagic is a professional carpet cleaning company that is dedicated to satisfy every customer with stellar carpet cleaning services. Find out more at http://Atlantoxymagic.com.