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Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA – Why You Need A Professional

Why Choose A Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA Professional?

Carpet cleaning can be a drag job, but it is an essential thing too. If you desire a healthy, clean and fresh-smelling home, you cannot avoid cleaning your carpets. Who has time to worry about learning how to clean their carpets properly?  We suggest getting the job done by a Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA professional.  It will be a better option that will save you a lot of hard work and energy. So Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GAlet us divulge into the primary reasons to hire a professional to do the job for you:

The Best Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA Has To Offer

Expediency: Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA specialist is a very convenient task when you lead the fast paced lifestyle of the current times. Considering the ever speeding lifestyle we lead these days it is difficult to find time for family, let alone carpet cleaning. Finding time to clean the carpet can be next to impossible. Moreover, the task is exhausting. So all you need to do is to carry out some reference check of the Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA professionals and assign the tasks to them. You just sit back and relax!

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Skill and Experience: Let’s be frank you would not be able to clean your carpet as clean as a professional can do it. When you opt for professional Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA methods you hire experience and skill. The experts do this job each day, they have been trained for it and by this time, with practice they have acquired the much needed expertise to clean the carpets. Also, every carpet needs to be handled in a different way which only can be done by a trained person. Some stains are tough to remove manually, they can only be done by an experienced person. Besides, you may have other important chores to handle other than this and carpet cleaning needs undivided attention. When you hire professional carpet cleaners like 5 star rated Atlanta Oxymagic, you hire that level of quality.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA Experts Have The Right Equipment

Tools and Machinery: There is also a lot of difference between the chemical and tools that you would use at home and the ones used by the professionals. You may probably not be able to acquire them. There are some machines which only the experts can handle well as they have practiced using them. It is a known fact that carpets must be cleaned every six months, but most families do not follow this deadline, so it becomes imperative to get a professional to do the job as this ensures effective cleaning.

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Atlanta Carpet Cleaning: The All-Time Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

All-Time Best Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Carpet cleaning, however easy it may look, but it is a tough task. What’s even more challenging of a task is to choose the best carpet cleaning professional. In case your carpets are dirty enough to call for an Atlanta Carpet Cleaning professional, here are a few things that you might want to read and note before you contact them for their services.

The professionals at Atlanta Oxymagic, offer their expert advice on how the pros remove the dirt and grime from your carpets with one of the mentioned methods or a combination of them, depending upon the toughness of the stain on your carpet. So here are the Atlanta carpet cleaning secrets that the pros use:

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secret #1Atlanta Carpet Cleaning

Shampooing: Probably the easiest way of Atlanta carpet cleaning. The shampoo is applied on the carpet using a rotary machine and then allowed to stay on for a while, before vacuuming it. The idea here is that while vacuuming the shampoo will pull along the dirt, but often the residues are left behind which later attract dirt on the carpet.

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secret #2

Bonnet Cleaning: The Atlanta carpet cleaning professionals use this method and apply a cleaning detergent to the carpet. This detergent is worked inside the carpet with an equipment. The bonnet pushes the cleaner into the carpet and then pulls it back too. In the process the dirt is also sucked out along with the cleaning agent. This is the preferred way of cleaning the carpet as it ensures a thorough cleaning.

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secret #3

Dry Absorbent: This kind of cleaning used by the Atlanta carpet cleaning experts can be very effective. A dry cleaning powder is applied on the carpet using a rotary machine and left for a few moments. Then, using a vacuum cleaner the powder is pulled away from the carpet. Along with the powder, out comes the dust and dirt and you have a sparkling clean carpet. As this method uses no water, you do not have to go through the hassle of drying the carpet. Also, the risk of bleeding colors is minimized with this carpet cleaning method.

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secret #4

Steam Cleaning: This is the most effective method of carpet cleaning and preferred by the manufacturers too. In this method the cleaners infuse a solution of hot water and detergent deep inside the carpet. Then this solution is removed using a high force vacuum cleaner, this ensures removal of even the minutest of dirt particles from the carpet. The only disadvantage of this method is that it needs a lot of drying time. Also, if your cleaner does not know his job thoroughly you may be left with a foul smelling carpet or molds on the carpet due to moisture.

The Best Kept Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Secret

Use Oxygen – NOT Chemicals to clean your carpets!  Not only is it safer for your family and loved ones – it also helps your carpets last longer than treating them with harsh dangerous chemicals. 5 star rated Atlanta Oxymagic uses a green hypo-allergenic  carpet cleaning solution to keep your carpets looking like new and your family healthy and safe!

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta: The Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Need Carpet Cleaning Atlanta? Here Are The Best Tips!

Clean carpets are a dream for any household and why only a household, carpet cleaning is the requirement for anyone who owns them, be it the manufacturer or the end user. Carpet Cleaning Atlanta can be done either by the professionals or you yourself  can take charge if the stain or dirt is not very tough. Mentioned here are some methods that are used by professionals in carpet cleaning Atlanta and some that you can follow at home.

Low Moisture Technique Used by Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Companies

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

In case the stain is too tough to get it away at home or the carpet has collected dust for a long time you can get the carpet dry cleaned by a carpet cleaning Atlanta professional. In this method the carpets are cleaned in a machine using a very low moisture technique. The method is fast and you can have your carpet back sooner than you would have expected!

Dry Powder Method used by Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Professionals

Another prominent method used by the carpet cleaning Atlanta professionals is the use of dry compound to clean the carpets. A biodegradable compound is spread evenly on the carpet and is allowed to stay for a few moments. Then the compound is brushed and scrubbed off from the carpet, your carpet is perfectly clean. The carpet can be either hand scrubbed or machine scrubbed, machine scrub is often preferred for tougher stains. The advantage of this method is that if you have a carpet that has a risk of loosing color, it can be cleaned using this method without the fear of bleeding.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Professionals Use Good Strong Vacuums

For the home cleaning methods you can easily use a good vacuum cleaner once in a while to do away with the dust collected by the carpet. The vacuum cleaners built for household purposes are perfect for this kind of carpet cleaning. Another way to get the dirt out of the carpet is to use the traditional way, The Rug Beater. Let the carpet hang on a rope and you use a rub beater to do away with the dust. This is often not recommended as it blows a lot of dust in the surrounding area.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Pros Use Grandma’s Home Remedies Too!

Not too tough stains of ink can be removed using  a lemon peal or oxalic acid. Oil stains can be removed by using a slice if white bread to absorb the oil or you may even use pipe clay. Whatever the stain may be, we recommend to get it treated fast because the longer it stays the greater are the chances for it to become permanent.

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