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How to Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA Has to Offer

Are you fed up of cleaning your carpets at home especially when the results you get are not very impressing? Having a clean carpet is important for the general cleanliness of the house and the health of the people who live therein. This can turn to be a very difficult task for people who have many carpets to clean or if there are special circumstances that make for them to become very dirty quickly. That’s why you need to get the job done by a good carpet cleaning Atlanta GA Company.

Imagine how difficult it would be if you have kids at home or that you live in a place where the environment (on the outside) is dusty or muddy. That definitely demands for someone to do te cleaning for you and not just someone but one who does it well.

Basically, perusing yellow pages will bring you quite a number firm who offer Atlanta carpet cleaning services. While some are actually professional, others may just claim it and will actually not deliver a stellar job. You need to know how you can differentiate one form the other so that you will not hire the wrong firm and end up getting disappointed.

To start with, the carpet cleaning Atlanta GA agency you hire should have necessary equipment needed to handle your precise needs. For instance, you may live in an area that is muddy and need ground-in soil removed from your carpets due to frequent shoe trampling – here you need a company that have the skills and equipment to remove ground-in soil from your carpet. If your problem is food spills, you need a company that has the appropriate tools for that.

The Atlanta carpet cleaning service that you call on should be able to offer varieties such as deodorizing, carpet repair and stain proof coating because you will need this service one time or the other. The equipment used by the agency should be latest ones so as to ensure the best treatment for your carpet and this practically extends the life span of your carpets.

Be aware of the various carpet cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction, Oxymagic system, dry solvent method and dry powder cleaning method. Also, you should put into account whether the agency uses equipment that are environment friendly and safe for kids. Most especially if you have crawling children around that pick things into the mouth often.

Be sure to do a careful study on the carpet cleaning Atlanta you are hiring in order to get the best possible treatment for your carpets. Find one close to you or hire experts at http://Atlantaoxymagic.com.


Is Professional Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

There are lots of Atlanta carpet cleaning professionals that offer good cleaning services but you need to find a company that has professional staff and world class equipment in order to deliver a well-done job for thorough deep cleaning.

You may be interested in knowing how some of these professional carpet cleaning services work. First, note that the micro brushes rotate through the carpet using counter rotating brushes. The carpet cleaner performs the job of dissolving, absorbing and trapping soil, odors and stains as it cleans the carpet. Similar to how the sponge in your kitchen absorbs and holds dirt, the brushes and cleaner also trap also trap the dirt. With a quick flip of a switch on the equipment, the dirt is immediately vacuumed up and the carpet gets cleaned, dried and ready to use and enjoyed.

Conventional steam cleaning or some may refer to as carpet shampooing. This forces dirt to the bottom of the carpet by spraying water that was pressurized down into it. Beware of trying this process at home, if you don’t have a industry grade vacuum to suck up all the water, the process could turn your dirt to mud which could result in it smelling like mildew. In a matter of days, the sludge mixture will begin to dry but in many armature cases, the dissolved spots find their way back to the surface and reappear!

Finding Atlanta carpet cleaning services with the right equipment is essential. A dry cleaning carpet system for example that carries liquid ingredients to the carpet fibers in a curbed way is a sure tool that will have your carpet cleaned quick and effectively.
Some sponges also contain the necessary liquid to absorb and dissolve oil-based and water-based dirt – water, detergent and a small quantity of safe solvent moistens it. Therefore, a good carpet cleaning Atlanta Company that has this kind of equipment cleans your carpet and makes it ready to use almost immediately. Although you may find a small amount of sponges left on your carpet after vacuuming but you have nothing to worry about as it is not abrasive or harmful. In fact, the sponges found on the carpet can be removed with subsequent vacuuming.

People often get puzzled when it comes to carpet cleaning Atlanta GA. You need to be careful which services and methods you are choosing when it comes to dry cleaning your carpet. It is a usual thing for carpet cleaning Atlanta services to make use of the word ‘dry’ in their company name. Beware, look for a carpet cleaning service that truly defines dry cleaning your carpet – meaning your carpet is cleaned and dried.

Finding Affordable Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

If you want someone that will handle your carpet dirt and stains without spending much of your hard-earned money, your best option remains that you look for an affordable Atlanta carpet cleaning company that will satisfy your needs.

There are various cleaning services that offer the best carpet cleaning services at a much cheaper prices. However, you need to note that the prices still vary from one company to another, besides, quality is a big factor you what to look for. Reputable companies may tend to have higher prices as with other business forms because they have top notch solutions and safe cleaners to work with. On the other hand, companies that have cheap price tags for their services are not always a top option for people because you are not aware if they can actually do a satisfactory job or be reliable.

Before you try to hire the services of a professional or cheap carpet cleaning service at all, there are some factors you need to put in check. First, you have to determine the condition of your carpet. Be sure to note all the major stains that you find in the carpet and also the dirtiest area of it. If you find out that your carpet is very dirty and it needs the attention of a professional carpet cleaning Atlanta, do not hesitate to call on one good professional carpet cleaner. However, if the case is that your carpet only has light spots of dirt, you can do a home cleaning using the appropriate solution.

Also, when finding a carpet cleaning service that will get the job done on your carpet, ensure that you choose one that is close to your location. If you live in Atlanta for example, Atlanta OXY Magic is a good one to choose. They offer green cleaning solutions that are safe you’re your family and home. Note that the price tags of the services may vary and this depends on your actual location. As soon as you find a company you would like to hire, get important information about the services they offer. You can also ask your friends or family members that live around for recommendations. Local newspapers or the internet is a good source of information – this is a good way to find credible carpet cleaning Atlanta GA companies.

Lastly, ensure that you contact the companies in your list. Find out information like the estimated cleaning time, the exact price of their services and how it is done. You may be charged based on the square feet of your carpet. Choose an Atlanta carpet cleaning service that you think is fine by you and can deliver a great job.

Best Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

Every house requires a professional carpet cleaning atlanta at least once in a year because you can’t possibly clean your carpet at home the same as a professional just by vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis because it cannot completely remove the dirt and odor. When you count on a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning company, you will have your carpet saved from dust and oil accumulation making sure that the fiber last a long time and that your home is safe and clean.

Finding a professional and green carpet cleaning Atlanta company should not be a difficult thing to do especially for those who live in Metro Atlanta. The problem however may be many cleaning services in Atlanta that could be called ‘fly by night’ cleaners which means they don’t get to stick around for long. We have come to stay to deliver quality services at Atlanta OXY Magic!

Before you choose a professional to handle your carpet cleaning services, you need to consider whether you are in need of a steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Those are two choices you have although dry cleaning is the obvious choice and it has gained huge popularity because it bags a lot of advantages.


The major reason why people choose dry cleaning over steam cleaning is because it requires less water than steam cleaning. Companies that steam clean make use of a sort of chemical reaction to get dirt and oil removed from the carpet.

A major advantage of most carpet cleaning Atlanta services is that your carpets dry right away which is really not possible in other cleaning methods. The good news is that we offer a perfect dry cleaning service that makes your carpet read-to-use almost immediately. If your carpet becomes dried after our cleaning, there will be absolutely no chance for a mold growth. This is exactly why people prefer dry cleaning because mold is tends to be a threat to the environment and the health.

Before you make an attempt to give your carpet to any carpet cleaning Atlanta GA company, ensure that you do your research and ask questions that in regards to the company’s method for cleaning. Atlanta may have some ‘fly by night’ cleaning companies but you are assured of a satisfactory service if you hire this cleaning company.

We can give you alluringly clean carpets without charging thousands. We guarantee you the best and professional carpet cleaning services in Atlanta GA. Our highly trained and adept staff uses their extensive experience in cleaning carpets to give a carpet that you will have no choice but love.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Professionals Share Their Tips

carpet cleaning AtlantaCleaning the carpet in your house is not difficult with processes and the proper products. Below are a few simple ways by which you can remove odours and spots out of your carpets.

Removing Stains & Odours
Whether you’ve just an accumulation of regular dust and filth, or coffee spots on a light colored carpeting, crayon marks from cheeky toddles, all carpets need just a little care and consideration every now and after that. What sets many Atlanta homeowners away of carpet cleaning Atlanta services is the effort associated with looking forward to the carpet to dry and moving furniture, but carpeting attention does not need to be tough. Here are some simple methods to remove stubborn spots and lingering odors, if you have ever needed to find out the best way to clean carpeting easily.

Atlanta homeowners cannot stop talking about what Hypoallergenic Oxymagic has done for their carpets!

In regards to cleaning carpets, plain old soap and water only is not going to cut it, particularly when you are dealing with constant spots, scents that are deep seated, or years worth of caked-on grime.
For handling grime and spots, it is worth trying to find a committed carpeting powder instead of a shampoo if you would like to allow it to be a fast occupation.

NOTE: Whatever carpet cleaning Atlanta business or product you use, make sure you follow any directions given.

Choose Carpet-Cleaning Products That Are Natural

If you had instead use carpet cleaning products that are natural, there are a number of regular kitchen cupboard basics that work wonders. Most folks have heard about using tonic water or soda water to counteract coffee spots, but salt is also an excellent choice for removing grime or soaking up fresh spots. Additionally, those horrible odors concealing amongst the fibers are absorbed by baking soda. Recall, when using merchandise or a brand new cleaning process, constantly examine it on a small place first.

Tried And True Carpet Cleaning Hints
The best way to use powder
Using powder is an excellent method to clean your carpeting. It may be the best strategy for cleaning your carpeting with powder, whether it is baking soda or a powdered carpet cleaner:

  • Scatter the powder liberally.
  • Leave the powder on for at least 5 minutes – but if you’re able to leave it longer, all the better – this time gives the opportunity to work to the cleansing agent.
  • Vacuum the powder when you are done up.

You can find a variety of brands of carpet shampoo, thus be sure you follow the instructions.

  • Following the directions on the packaging. Oftentimes, the cleanser must be diluted with water.
  • Use only enough carpet shampoo to cover the region.
  • Do not to make the carpet too wet – is it a waste and will also increase drying time.
  • Scrub on the especially grimy places with a bristled brush.
  • Vacuum the shampooed area after it’s dried.

For spots that are isolated, it is always better to get them up before they truly dry into the carpeting fabric when possible.

Warning: do not be tempted to wipe any spots – blot them rather to prevent the spot from smudging or going deeper into the carpeting. While it is possible to see clean using a detergent, it is also worth trying these stain remover tricks that are easy, too, with respect to the supply of the blot:
— For sticky spots like glue, harden it using an ice cube it away.

You’ll find more tips about removing carpet stains here!

Benefits of Atlanta Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are popular flooring options for homes because they feel warm and soft and they make the family feel very welcome and comfortable at home. Carpets that are clean are major catalysts to this feeling. However, vacuuming, no matter how frequent is not enough to keep the carpets clean after going through the wearing activities of the day. Regular home life requires quite a lot from carpets and the best way to keep your carpets in the best condition is by calling on a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning service.

There are lots of benefits to gain from professional carpet cleaning – one of which it contributes to the feeling everyone enjoys from walking barefoot on fresh and clean carpets. You may be in doubt that professional services may not be right for you, for fear that carpet cleaning Atlanta companies will use dangerous chemicals however, this is not the case with modern cleaning methods. Modern carpet cleaning methods like oxy-cleaning or steam cleaning makes use of water that is heated over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to have dirt and particles removed and the carpets cleaned naturally and safely. The pressurized water picks up stains, mites and dirt loose which are now capable of being removed through industrial vacuuming equipment.

Extraction by hot water is a completely soap free and safe for every type of carpet and mostly importantly safe for pets, kids and the immediate environment. There is no form of residue left on the carpet and your carpets feel pure and healthy after the process. Also, modern cleaning methods on carpets will not upset the fibers but instead help them to look new for a longer period.

One major benefit of choosing a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning service is that is minimizes allergens present in your home.
Carpets are known to attract pieces and bits from shoes, windows or other ways and keep them within its fibers. When kids lay on the carpet, they sometimes begin to get close to harmful particles and going the vacuuming way may just pull them closer to the surface of the carpet without having them removed – this leads to irritations and allergy flares. A credible Atlanta carpet cleaning company will remove all these particles to give a clean and healthy floor that will make you happy at all times.

As a plus, another great benefit of modern professional carpet cleaning service is that they apparently eliminate the drying period for any type of carpet – making it about one hour in total. Not only does this method assure you of a truly clean carpet, it also makes your carpet ready for furniture and a regular life in just few hours. Make sure you hire a capable and credible Atlanta carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta – Examine All The Options You Have

carpet cleaning atlantaCarpet cleaning is often an easy task, provided that you have the right tools with you. It is really important for you to understand that the right tools and methods can make a different to your carpet cleaning efforts. If you not particularly careful, you might even end up with more stains and even a torn carpet. Therefore, being careful is the key. Are you wondering about the various options available to you when it comes to carpet cleaning Atlanta? If yes, then read on and find some of the best carpet cleaning solutions right here.

Treating smaller or lighter stains like the Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Professionals

In case you find very light or small stains on your carpet, it would become fairly easy for you to clean it. All you have to do is take a 1/3rd bottle cap quantity of carpet cleaner and mix it in a cup of water. Take a clean towel and dab it on the stain after soaking it in the solution mentioned above. You simply need to dab it and press it a little. The towel will likely pick up the stain on its own. Lift the towel and just leave a few droplets of water on the stained area. Dab with the towel again. This time, use the other side of the towel. The stain will likely be gone by now. In the end, you will simply have to spray some of your carpet cleaning Atlanta specialized spray on the stained area. You can continue to dab a little more so that the stains are gone completely. In the end, simply let the carpet dry.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Professionals Know How To Clean The Really Dirty Stains

There may be times when the carpets become too dirty to be cleaned with the typical carpet cleaning sprays and cleaners. At this time, you need to adopt something more powerful. This time, you will need hot water, a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner, and a good cleaning solution used for carpet cleaning Atlanta professionals. First of all, you need to remove the largest dust and dirt particles from your carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Spill some carpet cleaning solution to the areas that are particularly very dirty. Now, you can run the steam cleaner on the carpet. It will first spray a cleaning solution on the carpet and then vacuum all the dirt and dust, turning a soiled carpet into new. If you are not confident about doing it on your own, call a professional for carpet cleaning Atlanta.

Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta: Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning alpharettaCarpet cleaning at home with vinegar based solutions can work but sometimes its not always the best solution to use and could make carpets look worse than before. However, the people who are concerned about the environment do not prefer to opt for the conventional commercial carpet cleaning Alpharetta services as well. This is because many of these commercial services use a host of harmful synthetic chemicals which can be quite hazardous to the environment and your health as well. You must know about ‘perc’ which is officially known as perchloroethylene. This chemical is quite notorious for causing a lot of health issues when inhaled or ingested. The primary symptoms include nausea, fatigue and dizziness. It has also been known to cause significant liver and kidney damage to you.

These chemicals also include naphthalene. It is manufactured from coal tar and is a toxic solvent that can easily interfere with your nervous system and has even been considered to be a possible carcinogen as per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Immediately after the carpet cleaning process is over, these chemicals are released in the air and they can easily be ingested or inhaled by you. In fact, there can be times when the waste of carpet cleaners gets dissolve in groundwater and cause impurities for you and a number of households around you. In case this wastewater is not treated properly before disposal, it will be causing a lot of health issues for those who come in contact with it.

Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta Companies With Eco-Friendly Services

Thankfully, there are many carpet cleaning Alpharetta companies who perform eco-friendly cleaning services for your household. Because of the growing impact of the awareness campaigns run in favor of eco-friendly cleaning and waste disposal, a lot of companies have started to provide these specialized services to their clients. The cleaners which are not based on harmful chemicals are used here. Moreover, they contain some or the other natural solutions because of which they are extremely safe to use as well.

Call Oxymagic For A Greener Carpet Cleaning Solution – Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta Company

If you are also looking for eco-friendly carpet cleaning Alpharetta services, then you must definitely be opting for local businesses who greened up their cleaning process in the last few years. Do not hesitate in asking questions about the cleaning process they follow and the products they use. This shall help you in making sure that you are being provided with green solutions to your home carpet cleaning processes and you remain safe as well.

Try greener carpet cleaners – Call Atlanta Oxymagic for Safe, Hypoallergenic Carpet Cleaning

The Ultimate Carpet Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Buying Guide

carpet cleaning AtlantaYou might be tempted to clean your carpets at home without spending your money on the professional carpet cleaning Atlanta GA services. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to think this way and try to save a few dollars. However, it may have many side effects as well. Your DIY home cleaning depends largely on your knowledge about carpet cleaning as well as the carpet cleaner that you are going to buy. Let us have a look at a few pointers that you must keep in mind while opting for the best tools for carpet cleaning Atlanta GA.

The Different Types Of Carpet Cleaners

For home use, you can choose between the carpet spot cleaner and the carpet upright cleaner. The spot cleaner is more portable and compact and will be helping you to do some light and small cleaning tasks. It is generally used for removing small stains from the carpet. In case you wish to clean the entire carpet, you will have to depend on the upright cleaners. They are bulkier and more powerful. Commercial tools and carpet cleaning Atlanta GA are fairly expensive and very complicated to use as well. However, as they are quite powerful, they always perform better cleaning tasks than usual.

The Features You Should Be Focusing On

There are a number of advanced technological as well as convenience features that you should be looking for in carpet cleaning Atlanta GA equipment. You should be looking for models that come with an on-board water heater and dual water tanks as well. These two tanks help keep the clean and dirty water in segregated compartments. Moreover, the designs should be less bulky and must have at least two floor brushes as well. Combined with a spray trigger, there is nothing else that you will likely need in terms of a carpet cleaning Atlanta GA equipment.

What Not To Buy

It is okay to look for carpet cleaners that come with a number of features. However, you must not pay too much attention on the bulk and features and buy something that really suits your needs. It is unnecessary to look for the fanciest item. You should be looking for something that is more durable and more desirable. In this way, you will be able to make sure that you buy something that can really fit into your needs as well as your budget. If you believe that buying a cleaner would be more costly than hiring a professional, then you must not waste any time and call carpet cleaning Atlanta GA professionals ASAP.

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Tips: All About Steam Cleaning

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Companies – What’s Their Secret?

Carpet cleaning may appear to be quite a simple task but when it comes to execution, you realize that you can never really do this task as effortlessly as an Atlanta carpet cleaning company can. This is why we always suggest that you look for some great companies that can help you in getting professional Atlanta carpet cleaning services. However, some homeowners still prefer a DIY style carpet cleaning task. If you are one of those homeowners and are feeling embarrassed about the soiled carpets in your home, then you must definitely be checking out this perfect steam cleaning solution for your dirty carpets. It is an easy DIY home based cleaning solution that will certainly be providing more value and save a lot of money as well.

Steam Helps Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Professionals Get The Job Done Right!

What will you need?Atlanta carpet cleaning

You must ideally be keeping these things handy:

  • A steam cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Hot water
  • Carpet cleaning solution
  • A measuring cut

You don’t always need to buy a steam cleaner for your house. Instead, focus simply on getting a rented steam cleaner. You will find some at your nearby home supply store or even a grocery or hardware store. Look around. They are the most important part of Atlanta carpet cleaning.

The Hidden Tricks of Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Experts

What to do before steam cleaning?

You will need to do some pre-cleanup preparation in order to get the cleanest carpets. Start by vacuuming the carpet. You will have to focus on vacuuming all the largest dirt and dust particles for the carpet so that steam cleaning becomes a breeze. After you have vacuumed it all up, simply opt for spilling some cleaning solution on the dirtiest parts of the carpet. This is a small but effective trick of Atlanta carpet cleaning professionals that you must learn. Simply pre-treat the dirtiest stains with a carpet cleaning solution so that the rest of the job becomes easier for you to handle. Use 1 cup hot water mixed with a little Atlanta carpet cleaning solution to get the best results.

Steaming Carpet Like an Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pro

Use the steam cleaner on the carpet now. The steam cleaner will likely be using some more cleaning solution and then performing a steam treatment for you. It is a very time consuming process so make sure you have at least one day of your weekend spared for the same. Make sure that the saturation levels are bearable. After the cleaning is over, open all the fans and windows and let the carpet dry naturally.

Too Big Of A Job To Do Yourself? Call Oxymagic an Eco-Friendly Hypo-Allergic Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Company.