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Atlanta Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning is the Greener Carpet Cleaner

Oxymagic Carpet CleaningAre you looking for green carpet cleaning Alpharetta? The Oxymagic cleaning system has been used for many years as a cleaning solution that provides a healthy environment for the entire household. Using Oxymagic carpet cleaning, you are able to get rid of contaminants in your carpet fibers that many other cleaners have failed to eliminate within just a short period. The safe and non-toxic cleaners have been used in homes with children because they eliminate the risk of chemicals causing a variety of health issues after cleaning is done.

Oxymagic carpet cleaning also has a fast drying time. Homeowners no longer have to wait for days after using a steam cleaner to get rid of dirt on their carpet. The Oxymagic system removes contaminants and reduces the average dry time to 30 to 90 minutes. This means that there are very low odds of old stains coming back or the wet carpet attracting mold and mildew.

Oxymagic carpet cleaning machines utilize cylindrical brushes that are able to get rid of contaminants which are deep down inside the carpet fibers. These dual cylindrical brushes are powerful enough to dig deep and lift all the dirt out. In order to get the most contaminants out, the stained areas need to be pre-treated using advanced non-toxic cleaners. These cleaners usually make it easier for the cleaning equipment to eradicate all the stains and dirt on the carpet.

The Oxymagic method of cleaning must be performed by an expert. The technician will first review the state of your carpet and make sure the cleaning system used will help you to get a cleaner and healthier environment within just a few hours. This method of cleaning is not expensive compared to other carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning which may utilize harmful chemicals that pose a health risk in your home. There’s no chance of leaving toxic contaminants in the carpet once the cleaning is complete. All products used are safe and non-toxic.

Oxymagic carpet cleaning Alpharetta GA is considered safe for both pets and children. This method of cleaning is usually recommended in homes that have kids running around because the carpet will dry out within just an hour so there’s no risk of it getting contaminated when it’s wet. The cleaners used in Oxymagic cleaning are also biodegradable which means you contribute to protecting our environment when you choose this method of carpet cleaning Alpharetta.