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Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Professionals Get Carpets Clean with Oxymagic

The team at Atlanta carpet cleaning company employs state-of-the-art equipment and makes use of cleaning agents to deliver an excellent cleaning job which is environmentally safe. An example of these cleaning agents is Oxygen with the Oxymagic system and is basically used by green carpet cleaners.

What exactly is green cleaning?

Green cleaning is apparently a holistic approach to cleaning services that puts into account your safety, health and environmental risks of the processes and products associated with carpet cleaning. Say it is an approach to carpet cleaning which involves the use of healthier products. These products are applied in various ways to maintain a satisfactory level of disinfection and cleanliness. Oxygen in this case is used by carpet cleaning Atlanta.

Oxymagic (using oxygen to clean carpets) is a perfect way to get your carpet looking ‘new’. The host machine and environmental-friendly solution takes out stains that other carpet cleaning services cannot tackle. Oxygen cleaning effectively fights grease, fats, organic stains and proteins. It is also safe for kids and pets and has no toxins or any form of harsh chemicals. Generally, green carpet cleaning does reduce dust mites by 78%; its allergens by 75% and mold by 85%.

In a much clearer sense, green carpet cleaning Atlanta GA is all about reducing risk. Risk is the probability and measure of severity of harm to the human health and/or the environment. Risk is characterized by evaluating exposure and hazard together with the pathways by which people and/or the environment are much likely to become exposed (for example through the skin, eyes, lungs, mouth, nose, etc.).

Just like other life activities, cleaning houses and buildings also involve risks. The current and popular cleaning services expose your home to a lot of risks but with green carpet services, the risk gets reduced and even packs better health benefits. For some other traditional cleaning services, non-toxins are less likely used but will call for more scrubbing thereby increasing the risk of sustaining hand injuries.

Summary of Oxymagic cleaning benefits by carpet cleaning Atlanta:

  • It reduces headaches and health effects as a result of allergies and different chemical sensitivity
  • For businesses, you get reduced cost to the management of building and tenants associated with some sick leave, productivity loss, health care and litigation.
  • It reduces environmental impacts which include regional and global environmental issues like water pollution, air pollution, ozone depletion and bioaccumulation of chemicals in plants and animals.

Hire a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning company to effectively clean your dirty carpet with the great-working Oxymagic system. For more information, see http://Atlantaoxymagic.com.