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Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Company Debunks 3 Cleaning Myths

Despite the fact that carpets and carpet cleaning have been around for thousands of years, a lot of myths continue to be circulated on the topic. This is mainly because of the new professional methods of carpet cleaning methods that have emerged, which many people are still not fully conversant with. For this reason, a lot of home owners shy away from hiring professional carpet cleaning services Atlanta. If you have been reluctant about hiring professional carpet cleaners because of the many myths you have been bombarded with, here’s the truth that you need to know.

Myth 1: Vacuuming Carpet Often Makes It Deteriorate in Condition

The Truth: Vacuuming your carpet four times in a week is no more detrimental to the carpet than vacuuming it twice a month. A lot of homeowners think that the balls of fluff getting sucked into the cleaner during vacuuming are portions of their carpet getting ripped apart, meaning that it will only be a matter of days before the carpet undergoes complete wear and tear. This simply isn’t true. You must remember that a carpet is designed for heavy traffic and as such can withstand frequent vacuuming. In fact, to prevent build-up of dirt, grime and debris, which can be harmful to your health. If you have allergies or respiratory alignments you definately want to ensure you vacuum your carpets more often.

Myth 2: Professional Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Services Will Shrink Carpet

The Truth: A long time ago, carpets would be made from shrinkable materials such as pure wool and silk on a jute base. Fast forward to today and carpets are now made from synthetic materials such as nylon, which will not shrink even when exposed to hot water. Even if you have a carpet made from wool, the only time it will shrink is if it left extremely wet, and a professional Atlanta carpet cleaning company will not allow this to happen. That being said, you must be extremely vigilant to ensure that the company you hire does not leave any trace of wetness.

Myth 3: Cleaning Carpets Makes It Get Dirtier Faster

The Truth: You may have noticed that the moment you get a carpet cleaned, it seems to get dirty really fast afterwards. Unfortunately, attributing this to cleaning is wrong. What should be called to question in this case is the kind of cleaning implemented. ‘Dirty cleaning’ refers to the shoddy practice whereby the cleaner leaves behind cleaning chemicals in the carpet. These will attract grime and dust faster than the carpet originally was, meaning the carpet gets dirtier faster. It is important to therefore ensure that your carpet gets cleaned properly and all traces of chemical are completely eliminated. The trick is to hire a good company with Atlanta carpet cleaning services that understands all the steps involved in cleaning a carpet properly.

If you have been thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning company but felt discouraged by the myths floating around about carpet cleaning, you now have the facts. It is good to remember that not cleaning your carpet regularly exposes your family to numerous health issues that may be brought about by the grime, dust and pathogens that usually get trapped in dirty carpets.

Your home & carpets could use a good thorough cleaning, couldn’t they? We’d love to give you back that fresh, clean feeling! Give Atlanta Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning a call today!  (770) 554-5777